Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Never knew what I was missing...

I never knew how incomplete my life was...until they came along..

Yes..true.the path ahead was blurred..i wasn't sure wer ma next step would be..and a constant headcahe prevailed....but i always thought that tats just ta way it is wid everone..tat it was all just another part f our lives.There were times weni would stare out into the vision surrounding me..wishing tat it would all be abit more clear...but well,if it was intended to be tat way...how could one oppose that???
...It all started one fine saturday.hmmm..we were out..father,mother n daughter...mom and I totally involved in ta usual mother-daughter jibe...and dad leading us on to a point in ta park..as if he weren't part of ta family at all...haha!!...like everyday!...it was still bright and sunny..ta time being hardly 5 pm..tats wen i tripped..n i fell headlong into the pile of dead autumn leaves heaped up onto ta sidewalk..Now my mom n dad aren't exactly ta kind who wud sympathise wid me fr slipping n falling....instead i was chastened for not watching my step!!!and me?.."I din't see tat stone maa".
Mom "How could you not???..it was pretty big!!!..u never pay attention kuttu!!!This is not ta first tym this is happening.. yr never attentive..just look at yr maths answer sheet..its ta best example..""...etc etc..n tat went on..and guys...tat stone WAS pretty small..at least to my eyes it was..
Thats wat...it was just to my vision tat things were small..everything appeared less significant to my vision..ta problems on the board..ta bus name and the destination..hell!I cudn't even make out whether ta cute guy in class was actually luking at me or not!!!I started noticing how a bench mate dint have to squint and stare at ta board to copy notes..dint have to take extra care while climbing ta stairs..they cud actually luk up n walk!!..well,errr..so cud I..just tat i'd slip midway!So thats when i started looking up on correcting vision...spoke to my mom regarding ta same...and we finally went to an optician!..
Ta first tym she added ta extra lens to my vision...it was like..all so perfect!!!!ta sudden clarity,the sharpness of the figures around me!..n most astounding of all,.. the image tat stared back at me from ta mirror!!!.."did i always have tat mole on my head mom?"...n she gives me this wierd look n says,.."Of course silly!"
So its been like that ever since...a new pair of eyes..and a clearer ,more beautiful world(though..i must say,ta fireflies..when they glow at night.. luk so much more magical when i remove my specs)......
and so, as i was saying...i never knew how incomplete my life was until they,...ma pair of specs, came along.....;)