Sunday, May 2, 2010

..i was just curious...every1s blogging these days...i thot i'd start off reading other blogs..but then i somehw landed up here..blogging....!!!
hmm..well..tis is kinda nice..its almost like writing in yr diary 'cept tat here its a kinda public diary!!....and oh! well..ters nothing much to do office and on a gonna sit and blog!..ters no one here to tell me that i shudnt!!...humph!!...i mean imagine guys..sunday nyt at office...!...even i feel sorry fr myself!...its nt like i'm some party animal waiting to jump into some pub on a sunday nyt! i wud like to be at my pg wid frenz watching some stupid movie..or gossiping!!..hmm..well wat else can u expect..join a sw industry ...rt after colg and tis is wat it used to be soo gud back then...guess wat was really gud was having cash in yr hand..yr own apna cash! splurge all u like on wateva want to.......not that its changed today...but we'v just gt so used to it..mundane..tats wat life has becum!!...

Gee!!.wats wrong wid me!!!!..ok guys m not always like tis!...
My lifes gr8!..see..all though i've been in office frm morn on a going out fr dineer tnyt wid frenz..!..and then aftr a late nyt will be up at 4:30 tomo morn cos i have a morn shift!! :)..hehe!!.and me planning to cumback n cook after that..cos eating restaurant food is making me fat!...and i gtta get married soon..cant affrd to be fat....!!did some1 say that gals had an easy lyf??

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